Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Dubai Digs

Welcome to the new Al Adyiat Building in Al Barsha, Dubai.
New home of the Joneserbeeks.

Here are the before shots of the apartment....

Our entryway,

Our Living Room/ Dining room from the patio doors,

The same room just from another other vantage point,

The GUEST room (hint hint),

The hallway into the master bedroom,

The bedroom with it's giant windows (that no one makes blinds big enough for without special ordering. More on that later...)

The bathroom is just through there as well as the built in closets.

This is our big kitchen with the little wee sink. Not sure who the planners were but, they were a few bricks short of well, you know the rest.

Kenny enjoying his QJ (middle eastern version of mountain dew) and looking very happy with having to move yet again. What is this the 5th time in 7 months?

Our 75 Dirham table and chairs. That is roughly $21. USD. Needs some work though. With the all the knowledge of bargain hunting and painting everything that stands still long enough from my Mom I was ready to make this table look like new. It came in handy not just as a table but, as a ladder, a craft center, and as a sewing table. Good deal!

The chairs are in some dire need for a new look too...

My handy man.

Hey, didn't our lease agreement say that we couldn't drill any holes? Ooops!! A girl needs some storage in the bathroom!

Burtie, the big helper, was not a fan of the drilling noise and found a good place to hide out for his afternoon nap amongst Kenny's shorts.

The next task was adding some color to these bare walls. The bedroom got a jolt of jungle type fever happening.

It's a good thing that we like green

With the middle eastern morning sun shining directly on Kenny's face on his days off the massive windows needed to be covered. No one seemed to make blinds or curtains the right size so I took matters into my own hands and made roman blinds. Burtie was of course a huge help with the project.

"Hey Burtie, can you please make sure those pins are in straight? I don't want one side to be crooked. Thanks pal."

When he wasn't helping with the home improvement projects he was taking another nap, this time in the laundry hamper.

The living/ dining room is bigger than our whole place back in Reno I think. The white walls were making us feel like we should be wearing special jackets with buckles on the backs. Time to add a little flavor out here as well.

What did the agreement say about painting? No, oh well, not our deposit!

Here if you help then we are both to blame when the paint police come!

Much more us, don't you think?

What do you think Burtie? How's the new couch?

Now that the other side looked so good this one looked so bad. We would've need a huge piece of art to cover this wall so we put Kenny's art skills to work.

Standing on the table for another project. Best $21 we've spent yet! "Am I coloring in the lines?"

Much better and cheaper than even the IKEA art work!

Here's the way the apartment looks today....
Here's the entry way again. A little bit of paint and some magnets turned the ugly fuse box into a message board.

Our new Dining Room with the refinished table and chairs plus some hanging wall partitions.

The couch (Mitch is his name) is super comfy as you can see. I think that as far as time went into this move, the purchase of Mitch took the longest. If you want to know what every couch in this city feels like to sit on just ask Kenny. I think that he tried them all.

Here's the new living room.

The curtains in here that we bought were of course too short so thanks to a bit of crafty help we added another section on to them to get them the right length... thanks again Mom for passing the sewing knowledge on.

The entry way into the master bedroom. A much happier sort of view. Kind of forest like.

More holes in the wall behind the bed but, again, not my deposit! We have to feel at home here don't we?

Here's the finished roman blinds. Even with Burtie's help we managed to get them up straight. Kenny earned his sewing badge on these as well.

Another shot of them during the day with the hot sun shining in.

The guest room... not quite finished but, will be when the first group of adventures come to stay with us.

Look we're already getting dinner ready so you better get booking those tickets!

Now, we are home... for how long, you never know!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

sushi anyone?

The love for sushi finally came to the Jones/ Vanderbeek house but, not as take away... It's time to try our hand at rolling ourselves!
Kenny, ready with the with his first piece of nori.
How hard can this be???

No cooking experiment is complete without the bottle of wine nearby! The most important ingredient to my cooking!
Everything tastes better after a few glasses.
Wow this is messy. There is food everywhere in here. Glad that I have a big kitchen.

Rollin' rollin' rollin' get that california rollin'

Hey these look almost good enough to eat!

Chef Jones hard at work.

I even tried my hand at it. I have had some experience rolling things... sandwiches of course!

The finished product.

Who's gonna eat all of this?

Hmmm... which should I use?
Am I going for the full authentic experience or do I use the good ol' North American style of cuisine. I know what's even easier.... my fingers!

Wasabi in a tube. No choice, the man likes it spicy.

Wow! This is good.

What do you think?

Even The Fat Man wants some. Burtie is a real critic when it comes to food so it must have been a tasty meal for him to beg like a penguin. Wait, he does that at every meal we have.

What are you looking at... It's just me stuffing my face!

Who's coming over the next sushi night in?

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