Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Colorado Ice

When we were given tickets to see the Colorado Ice, we figured we were in for a good ol' hockey game. We were wrong!
The Colorado Ice is an arena football team. Still tickets are tickets and any sporting event is still better than a night on the couch watching t.v. so off we went.

Used to seeing football played in a huge stadium with massive distances between the stands and the field we were super surprised to walk into the arena. It felt like you should put on some pads and a helmet.

The game was fast paced, in your face and the crowd loved every minute.

They had kids that played during the half time show. I think this guy lied about how old he was.
Either that or he's really big for his age!

Kenny was part of a play. He caught this ball the Quarterback was throwing up in the stands... to his mother (we found out later... when she came up to us and told us the ball was meant for her)
Not only did Kenny intercept the pass meant for Mom, the QB got a penalty for throwing it up there in the first place!

The most entertaining part of the Colorado Ice Experience were these 2 young men.
We call them the "SUPER FANS"!

It's gone to the dogs

As we are dog stalkers we thought a good day out would be to attend
Paws on the Promenade.

This is a chance for all lovers for the canine persuasion can get their dog on.
There were booths with food, treats, apparel, personal hygiene, sports activities, entertainment and even adoption... all for the dogs of course!

The costume contest brought out all kinds

Hey! Is that Superman?

This is Captain Jack Russell wait, you're a basset hound!

Some were just trying to stay cool.
These boxers had the right idea with these vests that are filled with water and chilled in the fridge before you go out.

The dogs weren't the only ones who got the chance to shop. It just so happened that the event was at the Shops at Centerra. Which meant everything the dogs could get that day I could do, well except for the adoption part. Unless you count Build-a-Bear as adoption!

Coors Field, the Rockies and Us

More summer fun... again I apologize that all of these posts are sooooo late in coming to you guys. I'm trying to catch up! Here's another from our time in Colorado this summer.

America's Past time in the Mile High City!

That's right sports fans we are going to Denver to see the Rockies play.

Our first glimpse of Coors Field

Wouldn't be a baseball game with out a footlong or in Kenny's case, 2.

The Giants were in town...

and the game went into extra innings...

with the Rockies coming up a bit short in a 10 - 7 finish

But we had a great day!


The 4th of July can mean only one thing...
a whole bunch of bull is coming to Northern Colorado.

That's right folks. It's time again (well for anyone from the area) for the world famous Greeley Stampede and Rodeo.

This is the longhorn parade. They did this everyday, walked these huge animals through the fairgrounds. Just looking at those horns is giving me a headache. Imagine carrying those around your entire life!

"Do I make you horny?"
The running of the bulls is a little different here in Colorado.
First, there is no running and the bulls could care less if you're
wearing a white pantsuit with a red belt.

The longhorn parade movie...

Time for some entertainment, as if the longhorns weren't enough!

The Spin Doctors and Poison Concert is about to start!

Backstage at the concert I got the chance to talk to the Spin Doctors.
Nice fellas. One even from Toronto.

The crowd starting to pour in.

"little miss little miss little miss can't be wrong"
"ain't gonna blah no more when you blah blah blah"

yep... that is the king of "Rock of Love" himself...
Brett Michaels

Speaking of Rock of Love...
here is Big John. No idea why they call him that.

The show was fantastic! They played all the old stuff we used to listen to while we tight rolled our jeans, aqua netted our hair out, put on way too much eyeliner and colored mascara and studded our jean jackets... and that was just the guys~

All access pass... who's the cool guy now?

Do you think they'll ever get tired of the neon green in that logo?

The midway was all lit up and raring for someone else to ride the rides...
We don't do spinning or rides that people with no teeth are in charge of maintaining.
Carnies scare us... nomads, small hands, smell like cabbage.

We did get our share of fried foods in though as well as anything they served on a stick.
The pizza was my favorite.
Kenny enjoyed the deep fried oreos, deep fried snicker bars and deep fried coke a cola.

We did avoid the rocky mountain oysters too.
Anyone that knows what these are will agree with me... GROSS!

The Greeley Stampede and Rodeo... a week "bull" of entertainment.

Horsetooth From Above

Here is the same reservoir but from a different angle. We drove up to the top and took a hike around the area.

Do you know how long it took to get this shot?
It's not easy straping a camera to a prairie dog and asking them to sit still!

The view of Fort Collins. Voted one of the top 10 cities in the USA to live.

A Day on Horsetooth Reservoir

Colorado, as most of you know, has short summers or rather long winters so we had to get in as many outdoor activities as we could while we could!

One of those was cruising Horsetooth Reservoir with friends.

Ahhh a day on the river, no the lake, wait that's not right...
how about the water?
Yep that works.

Getting on and off the jet ski without getting wet was the one thing Kenny made sure he mastered... quickly! The air temperature was saying summer but the water was still yelling Northern Colorado winter!

Not quite the beach we've been used to over the past few years. But the kids didn't mind. They had a blast. At one point I feared we may loose one the mud was so deep.

The fastest and the slowest boats on the water that day.
The party barge and the suped-up eliminator.

Kenny and the ladies of the lake

It was a whole lotta boat~ with a whole lotta engine

Here is a short movie we took on our ride back into the marina. Sorry for the herky- jerky camera work. It's not easy to keep the camera level and steady when you're going 60 mph over the water!

Getting Settled in our Colorado Home

After a barrage of tests, doctors visits and trips to the exporting area of Dubai International Airport, a 24 hour trek across the Atlantic, which included a stay over in Frankfurt Germany (because of the local doctor), then a stay with the Millsons and their 2 very domain protective furkids Tad and Dixie, then more doctors visits, then another plane ride across the US of A, and another hour car ride to the house, you would think that my cats would have been more than happy to have a new home.
And for the most part, they were.
There were a couple of things to get used to though.
One included a giant, plastic dog named Nipper.

Here is Ravi's first encounter with our family dog...

Here are some "canon powershot" moments with our cats this summer.

"Can't you see we're busy... sleeping!"

"Does this picture make my head look small?"

"ah don't say that Nipper, you're embarrassing me!"

The big man... Burton James

The one eyed lunatic... Ravi Jones

This is her angry face...
It's not good to disturb her when she's watching the birds!

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