Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Ice Capades come to Reno

Rink on the River in downtown Reno got a couple new customers this week. We finally got the chance to get out on the outdoor rink. The weather was cold but clear and sunny so it was a good day to get out for a skate.
Sasha Cohen I am not! The spiral could use a little help but, most people on the rink couldn't do a one foot glide so I looked like a star! No jumps or spins in these skates... I'm not that brave!

Last time Kenny rented skates they were a boys' size 2 and now we had to get a men's size 13! Been a few years! He did really well considering the rental skates were more than a bit sketchy.

There were no falls and no broken bones so there were lots of reasons to smile!
Kenny's feet were so sore but, he kept at it for over an hour with lots of improvement. In a real pair of skates he may even have some fun! What a trooper-- thanks for going for me Kenny.

It didn't take long before Miss V the coach came out. There were 3 little girls that got some free lessons. I couldn't help myself. Miss the rink and the rink rats that go along with it!

Maybe I can even get Kenny out again sometime. I may have to bring spiked hot chocolate...

Monday, January 15, 2007

Christmas Party

We had a nice night out for the radio station's Christmas party.

Friday, January 5, 2007

This is the view from Virginia Lake. We try to get out here everyday and take a walk.
Having the mountains so close is still strange. They look almost like those phony backdrops in old western movies.

Here are a few of our new neighbours, The 3 Amigos.

There is more than one Canadian in Reno.

Don't stick your tongue out at me-- it's rude!

Let the feeding frenzy begin!
I know that you are all wishing you had a hat just like mine!

Damn Canadians!

Maybe we should take them home for Burtie to play with...
I'm sure that would turn out really well.

I am the King of the World!!!

Moving In

Our new digs! Little bit empty right now but...

No couch or bed yet so the floor will have to do.

Everything we own... all in one room.

After a quick ride over the mountain to Sacramento and a 6 hour trip through Ikea we came home and put this table together. It's a good start as far as furniture goes. A few more peices and we are all set. Eating on the floor was not a lot of fun. This is much better.

Burtie has found his new spot. Only took him 5 minutes after the movers left to find the new chair. Make yourself comfy big guy.

The movers brought us Kenny's furniture from Florida. We put the Christmas tree up right away. The ESPN tree it should be called. There is a Kristy Yamigushi on there so the girls are represented. Gordy Howe is there for the Wing Fans. Lots of NBA stars and the Volunteers helmet for the topper. I didn't know that Santa was such an athlete.

Nipper the RCA dog is keeping the tree safe.

Ready for Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Nap Time

Kenny and Burtie's Favorite time o' the day!
They are on the same schedule. It's the first time in Burtie's life that he gets woken up instead of the other way around. It's so nice for me to not have the furry alarm clock go off at 5:30 am. But, after lunch it's time for a siesta.

Day Trip to Tahoe

I haven't been this cold in a LONG time!
The weather was different on each side of the lake. We would drive from rain to snow to sunshine. You never knew what was coming up next. It was the first time in over 6 years that Kenny has seen snow. Lake Tahoe is really beautiful and a lot bigger than I expected. Love to show it to anyone that wants to come for a visit!!! It's only a 30 minute drive up the mountain!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Reno Here We Come!

The Biggest Little City in the World

Mom and Dad Jones enjoying the casino while we wait to feed our faces at the buffet.

Tales from the big chair!

Reno Nevada! Our new home.
Kenny's parents came to visit. Drove all the way from Ohio in Kenny's Ford Ranger
Brave souls.
It was nice to have them here to visit.
Hint, hint!!!
These are shots from inside the Silver Legacy Casino where Mom and Dad Jones stayed (not the rabbit's hole in Alice and Wonderland).

Cayman Memories

Ahh Beautiful Seven Mile Beach.
Here are a few memories of the last couple of months on the island.
Donnie Neuenberger and the Cayman Racing Team. GO SIR TURTLE!!!!
Ice on Ice. A charity event where Island Companies was crazy enough to let me wear over $30,000 in jewels!
And a day to get some sun!

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