Saturday, June 2, 2007

More Shopping malls

The one thing that there is a lot of here is SHOPPING. There are souqs or malls at every turn. Here are a few of our shopping highlights.

This is the Madinat Jumeira. It is a hotel and shopping center. There is an abra that takes you between the shops and the other hotels on the beach. The Burj Al Arab which is the 7 star with the tennis court up on the top and the Jumeira Beach Resort.

Here are some of the rooms for the hotel.

The Burj in the background looking out on all of us.

The abras that run up and down the creek.

Looking a bit tired (4am comes around really early, damn the radio business!) but, we were still going even after a stroll along the water and through the mall.

More of the hotel.

He doesn't look like he is going to share those does he? Freshly roasted nuts with carmel, chocolate, and other delicious toppings.... So yummy.

They have live music and entertainment out here in the evenings. There are restaurants scattered through the mall, on the waterfront and hotel. As it is part of a hotel they can serve alcohol. Many restaurants can't so they mix up really delicious fresh fruit drinks and mocktails instead.

Shisha water pipes. Just like Alice In Wonderland. They come in different flavors, strawberry, grape, mint, and apple are some of the popular ones.

The view from the top, well the top of the seating area.

The inside shopping area is fashioned like an old market. Tons of winding corridors and dark wood.

Here is the Wafi City Center.
Huge pyramids stick out of the city's skyline. This section is all done in stained glass.

Ibn Buttata Mall
This maze of shops has different sections. Here are some shots of the Chinese Courtyard.

Let's play where's Kenny?! You'd never know from this photo that he is over 6 ft tall.

Kenny found a friend at the Toy Store.

This is the Festival City Shopping Center. We have spent a great deal of time here as of late as this the the home of everyone's favorite Swedish creation.... IKEA.
The entire center is on the creek that runs through Dubai. When this is all finished you will be able to take a gondola type boat up the canals inside to the hotels, restaurants, and shopping. I am not sure if they are equipped to handle a king size bed and kitchen table with chairs but, perhaps they will come up with some sort of tug for that!
The whole theme is H2O as you can see from these pictures. Fountains everywhere. Again bring comfy shoes, it's a big place.

2 comments: said...

Wow!!! Shopping and lots more! It's not Lake Chemung but it looks like an adventure! It looks like you have the whole darn place to yourselves. Where are the people??? Maybe Kenny is soooo famous that they rope the place off and keep his peeps from mobbing him!!! Autographs can be such a pain but it's part of the job.
We miss you two but I'm glad to see some new pic's so we can keep in contact some how!
Thanks for the update!
Love Yah!
Miss Yah!

Anonymous said...

hey jones and vanderbeek, nice to read your blog, but for some reason can not see the pics......

you should check out my new site, its still in process though,

this is part of my resume to get a job out there is dubai, presently only gallery 1 is mine

also chunky has received an update -


lookin orward to seeing you both come september!!


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