Friday, September 28, 2007

DANA- the new generation?

On a trip down the grocery store isles we came upon a Canada Dry product that we had never seen before. DANA soda. Being the adventurous types we spent the $.50 and raced home to give it a try. If it's named after my favorite cousin how bad can it be?

What a lovely pink can. Kenny you should be on the new Price is Right. You would make a fantastic Barker's Beauty!

Pull tops? How long have these been off the market in North America?

I love a new soda!

The first taste is always the best too!

Down the hatch....

How's it taste?

OK drama king -- it can't be that bad!

Yuck... that tastes like feet wrapped in burnt bacon with a side of 100 year old horseradish sauce that has been left in the desert heat surrounded by the dung of 40 camels!

I think that I just threw up a bit in my mouth!

Actually it was quite nice... kinda like a strawberry cream soda! Just thought it would be more fun with some drama in the story!

Its official... I have no life!


grandma gail said...

You guys are movie stars!!! I wish you could bring some of the Dana soda looks good! I love pink soda! Watch out for Ravi...she'll drink it all...she's good at opening containers and she seems to like her sweets!
Happy Birthday Kenny!!!!

Anonymous said...

The new generation all right!I always knew that Dana would have her name right up there with Coke and Pepsi!!!She is certainly one of a kind as we all know!Looks like it would go good with vodka!!Oh yeah, that's not allowed!Send us a case and we will try it with vodka!Happy b-day to Kenny! When was it! I like to keep my records up to date!

Love Aunt B

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