Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lake Tahoe Conference- 6 Figure School

Ahhh Lake Tahoe..

Lovely South Lake Tahoe was the place that The 6 Figure School was hosting their second (of many to come) Network Marketers Conferences. Strange that we go half way around the world and the first stop on my visit back is to the place that we left from! Kind of felt like coming home... except that Kenny wasn't with me and our apartment is rented and all of our things are in storage, but, you get the idea!
After a full days travels, a great visit with a friend in Reno (Hi Susan, thanks for the margarita!) and a short trip to Ross' it was time to head up the mountain for an intensive conference with other leaders from our group.
Baby John with his Neways deodorant, getting ready for his day with Dad.

Nancy has a snuggle with the smallest of our crew before we get started off to the Live Out Loud Offices.

What's the meaning behind this white stuff floating around? It kind of looks familiar but, not sure if I can remember the last time I saw it.

The our team with the 6 Figure School Mentors
Day 2 Much nicer weather. This tree was quite embarrassed that it was the first one to change colors!
Lunch with the ladies
One of the highlights was having a judo expert come in and help us break boards with our hands. Very Karate Kid 9!

After a couple very busy days of learning all kinds of new ideas on how to generate our own 6 figure incomes it was time to relax and enjoy the city a bit. We found this lovely, local lady to have our picture taken with. Her Carmen Miranda outfit was divine!

The gondola heading for the top of the Heavenly Resort Ski Hills. No snow yet, but, a beautiful view none the less.

Nancy and I having a Kodak Moment

Dinner time! Lisa, Jessica and I ate at Fire and Ice.

Where the chefs are the celebrities. I think that they saw Spider Man up in the rafters spying on their culinary arts. These 2 were dinner artists!

You choose it, they grill it!

Time to head back down the mountain with my head full of new ideas on how to take our business to the next level! I did get to spend the day in Reno visit some more friends while I waited for my next flight. Where to next you ask...

Home to the Great White North to see the peeps!

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grandma gail said...

LOVE the intro!!!!! You should do that for a living! Love the G.H. background music!!!! (and the pics as well. Reminds me of our trip to see you guys there!

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