Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fun Fridays with the Barnes

The Barnes Family have been kind enough to take us under their wing and show us some of the sights. We use our Fridays off to have some fun in the middle eastern sun.
We took off for the Dreamland Aqua Park. It's in Umm Al Quwain. 3 Emirates over from Dubai for a day of relaxing by the pool.
Kenny's ready to take on whatever the park can throw at him!

Caroline and baby Bella are keeping cool under the mushroom fountains.

Dave and Kenny enjoying the day off from The Coast.

See Kenny, she's not going to break if you hold her.

Cameron and I had a great time playing in the giant water fountain. You can tell that I am a bit water logged though... nice hair do!

The usual Friday involves a swim at the Barnes' pool, followed by a fantastic dinner that chef Dave whips up. Here are some of my favorite shots from those days.

Hey Cam! What's wrong?

Kenny! That's Cameron's Spiderman ball... let him have a turn!

You too Dave!

Forget Spiderman, it looks like he's all about Superman! I'm sure that the Man of Steel practiced his flying in the pool too while he was learning.

Bella, what do you think of all the fun and frolic in the pool? You seem quite happy to be chillin' in your floatie.

Kenny please give that back or she may cry too! Pink does look quite nice on you though. The Pooh Bear looks very manly on the front.

Inside The Barnes' house hold we have a good friend in Mabel. Although she isn't supposed to be on the couch she abandons that rule when we're there for our visits.

She obviously isn't fussy about who's showing her some love.

We love our Fridays in the Barnes' pool.

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grandma gail said...

Hi Guys!
TGIF...that means something a little different to you guys now. You look like your having a great time in the pool...keep the sun screen handy. Where did the plants go? Take some pic's of where you put them.
Love the updates!

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