Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our Plant Hunting Expedition

Attempting to make the new apartment more homey we set out on an adventure to get some plants. We could have just gone down the street to the huge plant store here in Dubai but, what fun would that be? We were told of some great deals at the Friday Market in Fujairah. So, with some sort of shifty directions we set out into the desert....

The view changes dramatically when you get into the next emirate. Mountains and date plantations for miles and miles.

Before getting the new plants for Burtie to chew up we drove out to the sea. This is the Gulf of Oman.

As always the self portrait... why is there never anyone around to take our picture when we need someone?

On to get the plants now.
Here's some shots of the Friday Market. It's in the middle of no where and is just a strip of stalls on each side of the road filled with plants, fruit stands, rugs, ceramic pots, plastic blow up toys and of course the men that sell them. You have to be prepared to barter for what you want which can be a good time.

Kenny... see any that you like?

Fruit stand

Kenny's newest friends. They thought that us taking their picture was great fun. Plus, I think that we spent way too much on the sweet melon and the mangos that we bought from them so they were all smiles. Probably thinking SUCKERS!

Heading home with our new plants we stopped to take a shot of the date plantation.

We got some good plants, some good deals and had a great day. Now, how are we going to keep the fat man from chewing them?


Anonymous said...

You always have the greatest pictures Erica! Looks like you never run out of adventures!Keep the stuff coming! It makes my day!!!
Love you guys!!!

Aunt B

Hoomant said...

After the chance of finding you online, this post was the next day-maker of mine ;)

Hooman T ;)

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