Monday, August 6, 2007

The Wrath of Khor Fakkan!

I should have added these in earlier... sorry all! I forgot that I had taken them. Not sure how seeing that I got in trouble from the "port nazi" for taking them. I was told in a very stern voice that I needed to put the camera away while we were on the gas dock. Still not sure why but, hey when in Rome or Khor Fakkan.... Maybe I looked like a person that would try to bring the dock down later with some sinister plan! Move over 007!

Here is the link to see our video of the first dive we did in the UAE. Khor Kakkan the name of the small village that is part of another emirate, Fujayrah. It's on the other side of the peninsula. Dubai is on the Persian Gulf side and the dives that we did were on the Gulf of Oman side.
The rough seas were a bit of an issue and we chummed the waters for the next set of divers. Note to self "set up gear on the stable dock and not in the rocking boat!" Kenny's 15 year streak of no puking finally came to an end but, he had a good run while it lasted.
It was a great dive and we saw some things that were very different than the Cayman Islands. Apart from the crew we were all alone on the boat and on the sites. We unfortunately missed the whale shark that they saw the week previously but, we'll be back to try again soon. With some Gravol though!
Look for Nemo's family! Enjoy!

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