Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Quick Trip to T.O.

The first official stop in my race around North America this past month was to Toronto, Ontario.
I went to visit my baby sister Katie and her family.
Cool Auntie E getting to hang out with the Beej if only for a day...

I had to get in all the cuddles that I could cram into a few hours.

"Auntie E you're almost as bad as my mom with that flashy thing... would you mind if I played without you in my face calling my name and singing if you're happy and you know it? Raffi's version is soooo much better than yours!"

"Auntie E! I've got my luggage tag and I can almost walk on my own now... all I need is the suitcase that it goes on and my mom to pack some of my things and I can come with!"

My 1 year old nephew is better at taking medicine that me! I would have gagged before that even got close to me. Such a good boy.

"Grandma, this is what I'm thinking. Auntie E & Uncle Kenny should just come home like Papa John says" (every time he talks to them).

"I know that you missed me but, you're squeezing just a bit hard!

"What on God's Green Earth are those crazy looking things? Mom don't you think it's cold in here? Maybe you should put on some socks." Careful Beej.. they pinch!

Dressed to impress the wee peeps at the library play date.

Lunch with the girls at Mr. Green Jeans in The Eaton's Centre. Reality pool meeting over a Canadian beer is more like it!

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