Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Desert Rhythm Festival Dubai 2007

Welcome to the Desert Rhythm Festival in Media City, Dubai.
The Coast 103.2 was on hand to, well, party!Here's Kenny with his very fashionable orange shirt on in the Coast tent.

Waleed... how you going with that? Got it working yet?
It's only been 3 days...
The crowd is starting to fill the venue.
It was a great day to be in the sunshine listening to some good tunes.
Just an hour later...

Ziggy Marley playing a couple of his Dad's tunes. We be Jammin'!

Do these glasses make me look like a librarian?

Look at my new pass
(his picture was on the other side!)

The Coast Players

Accalia, Waleed, Rami, Elaine, and Kenny Jones

Kenny & Accalia got the chance to talk to Madness' Suggs.

"Our House in the Middle of Dubai..." Wait that's not how that song goes!

Broadcasting live to the Coast Listeners unable to attend the festival.

Go Blue?

The Breakfast Buzz's fan club.

Concerts ROCK!!!!

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