Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Furkid Fight

Every group of siblings has their moments when they love to hate one another.
Our furkids are no different
They share the cat bed...

even the same rug...

BUT there is not always peace in the Jones household

"Do your fur just rub up against my fur?"

"Did you tell Mom that I took the last treat out of the cupboard?"

"It's on!!!"

She throws a huge right

followed by the signature pounce for the neck...

After the hissing and the clawing (well she's the only one with claws which isn't exactly fair but he does out weigh her by more than 10 pounds) there is a brief "I'm not talking to you" phase.

She pouts a bit

Then, tuckered out from the 3 minute brawl, they take a nap on our bed.

Thanks for the hairy cover kids.

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