Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Shots that Just Didn't Fit Anywhere Else on the Blog

Since I've been so bad with updating this blog lately (sorry everyone) I had some photos that made me laugh but didn't fit anywhere else in the blog. So here they are!
Soon to hit the book stores... Stories of Alice the Junkyard Camel.
Actually, this guy was just looking for some chow on the side of the road.
"There is some lovely filth down here!"

A heavy fur blanket for naps on the couch.

Mall of the Emirates played host to some fantastic Christmas events...

even the locals love the carols.

"We Wish You a Merry Christmas..."

(and we are wishing for different costumes next year... these are really hot!)

Ravi sporting her Christmas bow. She "loved" wearing it too!

And now for a completely different subject...

We are lucky enough to have a friend that works for the company building the new cricket stadium that will be part of Dubai's Sports City. We got a tour of the site.

I know that you're all jealous... of our hard hats of course.

The Macho Macho Men

Kenny and Christoph

Put me in coach

Like I said earlier.... random!

Here's your friendly neighborhood Ikea Spiderman

This was the only picture we were really allowed to take at the Ladies Masters in Dubai. Cameras were banned. We had a great day watching the best of the best ladies in the game.

Go Annika!

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