Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In Search Of the Wild Wadis of Hatta

On a lovely Friday morning the Jones and Clark families headed out in search of
The Wild Wadis of Hatta

Hatta is about an hour and half outside of Dubai. It is on the Oman border and is famous for the Hatta fort, the wadis (water pools) and the milder climate because of the higher elevation.

We stopped off to have some breakfast at the Hatta Fort Hotel. Delicious! They even had real bacon... not something that you get everywhere in this Muslim country!

The hotel offers tons of activities...

pool, camel rides, horseback trails, shooting gallery, mini golf, walking trails and other fun family activities.

Here is one of the permanent residents of the hotel. He had a bit of a fly on his face issue.

Poor bugger.

In search for the waterfall that is supposed to be part of the wadis we came across this ramshackle old camping site.

We were guessing this was either the check in counter or the bar. Being a muslim country we figured it must be the bar.

Hours of off roading through dirt paths, mountains and hills we had no luck finding any wadis or even any water at all. There were lots of caution signs saying Wadi with a huge ! but for what we weren't sure. There wasn't a drop of precipitation anywhere.

Wait... is that water I see down there? WOW that's impressive.

How long have we been in the car to see that?

The tall grasses did make for a good self portrait back ground.

WAIT!! Pull over! I see blue....

Here is the water we came to see... all the few gallons of it.

We think that the minerals in the rocks give it that brilliant blue color.

We have been known to be wrong on occasion so don't base next year's science fair project on it.

Kenny happy to be out of the car for a few minutes giving his legs a stretch.

Our photography team...

Kenny and Oliver productions

The sun's starting to set...

does anyone know how to get home?


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