Sunday, March 4, 2007

RV Dreamin'

Here is the dream rig for Kenny and I

Kenny looks really good behind the wheel I thought. It is cheaper than our Condo and is about the same size-- we could really be nomads in this thing.

Wow-- it even has a skylight! This thing has everything. Do you think anyone would notice if we just drove it out of the convention center?
Who wants to go on a road trip?
This is the kind of camping that we should have done as kids!

1 comment:

Brian John said...

Not to sound ungrateful - because I have been waiting weeks for new pictures on your blog - but you need to put some comments on them as well :) Like why are you in an RV? Where you going? And what on earth are you eating in San Fran??
Thanks!! Katie & Beej
PS that pic of John holding Gail is hilarious!

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