Thursday, March 29, 2007

Zip the Horse, a 71st Birthday and a visit with the Forwercks

Kenny, Kasey and Crystal are giving Zip a few cuddles before his big family debut.

The family Cow Girl Kylie, showed us what they could do. The only job that I could have in the rodeo would be the clown!

Why the long face?

All I could think about was how bad it was going to hurt when I fell off but, with Kylie's guidance I made it out alive!

After a small knee buckle Zip adjusted to Kenny on his back and gave him a ride around the arena. I am not sure who was more uncomfortable... Kenny or the horse.

Crystal and Kasey freezing but still having fun!Zip loving all the attention.

One of Zip's stable friends. Sorry Kylie, I don't know this one's name... you'll have to let me know. He liked Kenny though. Must of thought that he had some treats for him or perhaps there was food in his pockets!

This is Scamper. He finally warmed up enough to Kenny to have him hold him. No smiles or nips this time.

Now on to the musical styling of Miss Kylie Forwerck... she did a great job of the a couple of our favorite Disney tunes.

Angie and Don Jones ready to open a birthday surprise from the family.

Kenny, Kylie, Kasey and I posing for a Jones Soda commercial.

Crystal, Kylie, and Kasey were showing Uncle Bub a photo album when I captured this Kodak Moment.

The entire family all together on one couch. This is a shot for the mantle. Too bad I don't have one!

The Birthday Boy surrounded by the family. Why for this birthday does he only get one candle and I had so many? I think that next year we will need to a bigger cake for the 72 candles that we are going to need.


Anonymous said...

wow i was googleing my name and found a website about my cousins by a girl with my name. kyli loves her horses. and kasey is good on the flute.

Chantel said...

Well said.

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