Sunday, March 4, 2007

Visitors and Virginia City!

The View from the Top!

On our historic tour of the old west... our first stop the scenic view from the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. This is looking down on Reno.

I needed more than the pink scarf to keep the cold off up there. I was afraid to get to close to the edge and get blown over.

John and Mom were enjoying the view up there as well.

It was hard enough to stand up on your own but, John likes a challenge. Not that carrying all of the 75 pound Gail is that!

Mom are you in there or is that Cousin It?

Kenny steals a kiss at the Miner's Museum in Virginia City.

Here is where everyone is! We nearly thought that we were in a ghost town until we walked by the "Bucket of Blood Saloon". When we hear Johnny Cash songs there has to be some good times happenin'.

Nothing but, real authentic cowboys in here. Six shooters, knives and all!

Kenny thinks that this was killed on the way in! And not by his car.

We had a rip roarin' good time listening to the hoe down tunes of the Comstock Cowboys.

Historic Virginia City. The best part was the "BoB" Saloon.

You can stroll the streets, have some tasty treats at the candy and fudge shops, see authentic mining tools, real brothels, tour underground mines, take a tour on an old trolley car/ bus and...

see this Dog.... all dressed up for the party!

I wonder if she is embarrased for herself? Do you think that she would go into the closet and pick this out for the day if she had the choice? Never know, my sister would have worn her Wonder Woman UndeRoos everyday so why not the dog in the cowboy gear?

This one walks herself. The leash law is in effect here in the state of Nevada but, it doesn't say who has to hold it!

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grandma gail said...

We had a great time in Reno! Everybody should go and visit. Just don't take John cuz everywhere he goes it snows! Virginia City was lots of fun!!! Real Cowboys and guns and knives and thier women folk as well (and don't forget the popcorn and beer!)
Thanks for the hospitality!!!

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