Sunday, March 4, 2007

San Francisco

The drive over the mountains heading west is really beautiful.

Rocky and brown on this side...

Cold and snowy at the top...

and green and lush on the California side.

There is the Golden Gate Bridge off in the distance. We were stuck in traffic for a long time this morning. Didn't realize that there was a Professional Bike Race going on, the first warm day of spring, long weekend and Chinese New Year's celebrations all happening at the same time in the City by the Bay.
Almost there!

Here is the Bay Bridge when we finally got through the traffic.

There is the city!

The Tin Man has nothing to complain about when it comes to rust to these two! They were down on the waterfront.

This is some of Pier 39. There were so many people down there that it was difficult to move so we went upstairs to watch the juggler.

Here I am on the non-incarsarated side of Alcatraz. If I was on the other side of the bars I may not have the same smile on my face.

There were lots of sail boats out there and many....

sea lions too! I had no idea how big and loud these guys could be. They get hundreds of them on these docks everyday catching some rays.

Pesto French Fries... Yummy! We did do the "do I have anything in my teeth" check on the way out though.

What did you say?

My little ray of sunshine and his favorite egg head friend.

This fountain spouted water from all directions.

This is the view from behind part of it. You can see some of San Fran's business district out in front of us.

This is a view of the TransAmerica Building from the ground.
You can see this building everywhere in the city.

Crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and out the other side. It was a great day and I can't wait to go back and stay for more than just lunch.

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Anonymous said...

Some Great Pics Erica, Looks like your Mom was frozen in a couple of the shots.Scenery is great and some shady looking dudes as well! Oh, that was John and Kenny!! Thanks for the updates, keep em coming when you can!

Love Aunt Bon

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