Thursday, April 5, 2007

Driving around Dubai

I am amazed at all that is going on here everyday. There are buildings and new residential areas, new malls and then there is Dubailand that is going to be the largest theme park in the world! I think that they have "Little Country Syndrome"! Everything is bigger and better here than everywhere else.
Here are some of the shots that I have taken in the last couple days driving around.

Some of the construction around the Marina area.

Everyone's favorite for pub food around the world....

The Hard Rock Dubai!

There is construction like this EVERYWHERE!

This is a new hotel that they are building on the beach.

This is the Jumeira Beach Residences. It is opening it's doors in a few months time to over 36,000 new residents! Imagine having 36,000 new neighbors!

We headed down into the heart of the business section of Dubai. You can see the new monorail system going in on the right side of the picture. I hope that it helps traffic-- it is Friday (which is the equivalent of our Sunday) and the traffic is still super heavy.

Here she is... the Burj Al Arab. The tallest building in the World. They are about half way to the top now.

Part of the Dubai skyline. It is like something out of Blade Runner.

Emirates Towers

Going over one of the only 3 ways of getting across Dubai Creek. Another traffic headache from what I understand. It is a really large body of water to be called a "creek" to me but, hey, I am not a Sheik so I can't call the shots!

This is the the Dubai Creek Golf Club and Marina/ Hyatt Hotel.... gotta get out and play that. The grass is so green for the middle of the desert. Everywhere there is grass there are people sitting on it! Right in the middle of the highway... grassy patch= people having a nap in the shade of a tree. How they can get in a siesta with all the cars roaring by I do not know... but, it does look nice when everything else is brown and dry.

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