Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dubai Days

Here is Kenny in action in the new studio at the Coast. He isn't on the air until Sunday but, he was getting used to the equipment. He is ready to be the ONLY US presenter in all of the United Arab Emirates.

Dragon Mart! The only shopping place that is close to the house that we are in currently. It is the largest dragon shaped facility in the world and is home for all that China has to offer the world.

You cannot believe the size of this place. Wear good shoes when you come to have a look. Jason came to join us to see what deals we might find. Here is the giant wooden statue that is a must in everyone's household.

Rows and rows. Side streets and little corners. Full of everything-- I have never seen such a collection of crazy goods in all my life. You can get children's toys and clothing, full fire gear (suits and everything), mini motorcycles, saw blades 12 ft high, bedding, furniture, clothing, jewelry, lighting, ceiling tiles and house wears, massage chairs, generators, food stuff, hair dryers, irons, electronics, the list goes on and on! Everything under one roof if you have the stamina to find it!

Irish Village and the Tennis Center. We don't have a liquor license so in order to get an adult beverage you must go out. This is one of the hot spots here during nice cool days. It is at the base of the Tennis Stadium.

We sat on the grass and enjoyed a nice cold beer.

Jason had a craving for a Guiness. He quite enjoyed it!

Dubai Days.... this place isn't so bad and it's not freezing like it is at home. Glorious sunshine!

The Dubai Zoo needs a bit of a revamping. The animals are getting a new home in Dubailand when it is finished.
Here was our favorite inmate. A baby giraffe.

Lots more to show you next update.....


Anonymous said...

Looks great Erica.Thanks so much for your diligence in updating the Blog.It makes me feel better to know that you are in such a nice place!Not being a world traveller,I had some pretty weird ideas of what this place might look like!Camels etc.grass huts! Disease, you know.Keep safe and hope you are having fun.Love to you both.

Aunt Bon

Anonymous said...

Iit looks like you being the venturer in the family have hit the spot. I had no idea they had a place like that in Dubai, but then I don't even know where Dubai is. I will look it up! Keep up the good work.

Great Aunt Donna

grandma gail said...

What do you mean "we don't have a liquor license"? You have to have one to have booze at home? Love the giraffe! I'd have lots of fun at the dragon mart!!! Hope they have good prices! Kenny you look good behind that mike! Let us know when we can hear you live! Do we have to get up in the middle of the night to hear? We will!
Love you guys!

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