Monday, April 2, 2007

Cousin Jamie and Michelle's Wedding

BJ was ready for the big day all dressed up in his Wedding Best. How cute is my Nephew?

Where's the Bride and Groom? I have to spit up on them! It's my job you know!

My Aunt Bonnie and my Uncle Jeff. They always take a nice picture-- what's the secret you 2?

John and my sister Jody enjoying a little no kids/grandkids time together.

My other sister Katie and her handsome husband Marky Mark.

Aunt Bonnie getting her Grandson, the best dancer, Kelvin out on the floor before his dance card was full.

Kenny was even smiling after being subjected to all of my family at once! We can be a bit overwhelming to some but, he did well and even had some fun I think.

"We are Family... I got all my sisters with me!"

Aunt Bonnie and Kenny take some time out for a Kodak Moment.

What a good lookin' pair. Glad that I am related.

My "New" cousin Michelle and my "Old" cousin Dana and I lounging around.


You have no idea how much my guests have already drank and the night's not over yet! Who else can I get to go to the Beer Store for me?

Oh yeah, we're supposed to be having a good time too!

"Kenny this is how you do the Bunny Hop!"

Blondes always have more fun!

The Gang's all here for the end of the night.
Uncle Jeff, Aunt Diane, John, Gail, and Uncle Don.

1 comment:

John said...

Hi Kenny, congratulations on the first day on the job. Remeber what I said about calling the Prince a bad name - you know what happened to IMUS!!!

Hey his job will be opening up soon!!

Take care and good luck.

John & Gail

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