Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Out to Lunch!

Friday! The Holy Day here so it is like our Sunday. Makes the week seem a bit strange but, when in Rome-- or Dubai

Kenny's boss took us out to lunch around the Marina in the Jumeira Beach Area. We of course, got lost and parked on the wrong side of the water but, got these great shots from over there.

You can see the marina in the background here. There were some amazing boats that no one was taking out --what a shame.

Here is my favorite one! The Middle East is the only place that you could afford the gas to go out for a ride!

Buildings like these surround the marina. There are so many more that are going up too. 80 was the count of the new ones in the area that are over 30 stories high or more. There is an estimated 800 going up in the next 16 months here in Dubai!

This is some of the lovely landscaping that surrounded us at lunch. It was so good by the way! Mixing the best of the Middle Eastern cuisine with North American and European. So many good things to choose from that I ordered a huge plate of everything. I had lots of help eating it and still had 2 left over dinners out of it. Yummy!

I think that I am going to enjoy Fridays even more here. TGIF is now TGIT!!!

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