Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Have We Been in the Middle East Too Long?

Some of you may know that the Coast has had more than it's share of issues the past few months. They have been off the air more than they have been on. It's too bad because we really liked our place in Silicon Oasis and we're ready to be in Dubai for a couple more years.
But, once again it's time for us to leave Dubizzle and on to our next adventure...

When considering where we may hang our hats next I came across these snaps and wondered if we had been in the Middle East too long already...

I'm still confused about what you smoke in here...

But Kenny is starting to look good in this!

We love the warm weather, the food and the different cultures so,
No, we still have some time left in us for the Middle East.

It's on to Amman Jordan then!

My next post will be about our first impressions of the city and some of
the things we've seen so far. Stay tuned!

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