Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back to Dubai We Go We Go!

Oops we did it again... that's right folks... We moved back to Dubai!

In October we returned for Dubai "the sequel".
Here are a couple of shots of our new place in Dubai's Silicon Oasis...

I wanted a square dining room table that sat 8 and couldn't find one anywhere so...
We built one.

Here are the legs for our benches (which we had to have cut twice because my math skills aren't the best and Kenny was a PE teacher)

One of the benches assembled
Note the Ikea tool kit... love that store!

Our table on our table. The one we used for construction was an old headboard we found and converted to a desk with some patience (taking the staples out was not good times), some shelf paper and a set of Ikea table legs.

Starting to look like something

Ravi, very helpful of course. She likes Ikea too!

Let the painting begin!

The finished product...

Another Ikea purchase with a little added Joneserbeek touch.

The furkids making themselves at home.

Our little desert apartment.


Ravi was not just helpful with the construction...

She must have thought I was cold and needed a fur blanket.

and loves to do laundry too.

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