Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wild Water Tour Without Getting Wet!

Today we are going to take you on a tour of a couple of Dubai's latest attractions.

Please remember to keep all hands and feet inside the ride at all times.

The first is the largest (of course it is... in Dubai is there anything but?) shopping mall in the Middle East. It's called The Dubai Mall. Very creative with the name huh?

The Dubai Mall has all the usually stores and lots of them but what is unusual about this place is has nothing to do with shopping.

It has an aquarium and ice rink!

The aquarium is huge! They have a full tour as well that takes you inside a tunnel inside this tank so you can pretend to feed your 3 year old to a shark if you wish.
As well as to other parts of the aquarium but we skipped that when we got in line behind 2 classes of 5th graders!
Here are some shots of the public viewing area...

We were up on the 3rd level taking this pic.

Up close and personal with jaws

Not sure how well you can see this but the bubbles behind the shark are divers.
They were in the tank to do a fish feeding.

A big fish in a big pond

No explanation needed here.

You get a better idea of how big this big tank is with Kenny standing in front of it.

Here is the olympic size ice rink.
The top row of glass is some of the food court seating.
It's not just hotdogs, potato chips and slushies at this canteen!

You can watch the skaters from all sides of the ice.
We were up on the third level watching the kids (all in matching blue skates) skate around.

On to our favorite part of the Dubai Mall tour...
The Bell!

Dubai's first and only Taco Bell!

Outside the Dubai Mall you can get a close up view of the tallest building in the world.
The Burj Dubai!

At the base of the tower there is an entire new community built in. Apartments, shopping and most likely anything else you might need or want!

Now for the next stop in tourist attractions in Dubai...

The Atlantis Hotel on Palm Jumeira

This hotel sits at the very end of the palm.
It is a huge resort with it's own beach, water park and you guessed it...
an aquarium!

It is supposed to be a version of what the lost city of Atlantis would look like.

It's a round tank in the middle of the hotel so you can walk all the way around it.

All the better to see the whale shark they have inside!

This is the view from the lobby and check in

the whale shark cruising around the lost city

This is the very end of the palm. The road that leads out to the hotel is right on the Gulf.
In disney sort of fashion, you need to take a bus from where you park your car to the hotel itself but on the way out we decided to walk.

And that ends our tour of 2 of the newest attractions in Dubai.
Enjoy your day ... wherever you are!

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