Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Worst New Year's Eve Party Ever Thrown!

Whether it's a party or not I can usually have a good time and that came in very handy at the party we attended this New Year's Eve.
The company was fantastic but the event started off really bad.
First, the ruler of Dubai canceled all parties in all hotels and restaurants the morning of the 31st. Then they changed their minds and allowed the parties but no live music, no dancing and the events all had to end early.
At least the hotels weren't stuck with thousands in food going to waste.

So off we went to the party at the Wafi Rooftop Restaurants. One of our favorite places to go out in the city.
It was so foggy we got lost coming out of the maze of streets leading away from our apartment and had to drive at a snail's pace to get to the hotel.
Because of the changes by the government the hotel had changed the venue of the party to another part of the hotel. It was now going to be held around the pool. Fantastic we thought! But when we got to the pool we realized the fog had followed us in. The seats were wet the table clothes were damp, even the noise makers and decorations looked soggy.
The Coast was responsible for playing the music for the evening but because of the change in rules and venue the dj was in another part of the building and couldn't hear what he was playing!
He had 2 songs playing over top of each other or didn't have any music on at all. For part of the night we couldn't hear each other talk and then there was nothing at all! It was a mess~
the food would have been really tasty if the fog hadn't made everything soggy and it didn't feel like a party when most of the seats were empty. People didn't realize they could still attend or with the "party" being taken out of the celebration decided to stay home or go to a house party.
At just after 11 the music went off for the last time, the dj stopped announcing anything and so a few minutes before midnight each table started to do their own countdown according to whomever was wearing a watch! It was embarrassing to be part of (thanks Coast 103.2)!

But as I mentioned earlier, the company was fantastic. Our German friends Angela and Christoph suffered with us through the night and managed to make the worst party in the history of New Year's Eve fun!

I'm sure the last thing Christoph wanted to give this party was a "thumbs up"!

Angela demonstrating what you can do with damp party favors~

The best part about this party was leaving it!
We had much more fun at Angela and Christoph's!
Thanks for sticking it out with us and let's never do that again!!!!

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