Friday, January 5, 2007

This is the view from Virginia Lake. We try to get out here everyday and take a walk.
Having the mountains so close is still strange. They look almost like those phony backdrops in old western movies.

Here are a few of our new neighbours, The 3 Amigos.

There is more than one Canadian in Reno.

Don't stick your tongue out at me-- it's rude!

Let the feeding frenzy begin!
I know that you are all wishing you had a hat just like mine!

Damn Canadians!

Maybe we should take them home for Burtie to play with...
I'm sure that would turn out really well.

I am the King of the World!!!


Brian John said...

Erica & Kenny - love the blog! BJ says hi (well more like ba da ba la). Happy New Year!!!
Love Katie, Mark, BJ, Alexis and Jack

Ana said...

Hey Erica, ....its Ana. I had no clue u were in the Reno. I live in Orange county, so........when do we meet? I know its far, but in for a road trip! hahaha

Mom said...

Love the blog! Happy New Year!

Mom said...

Yeh Canadians! Johnny loves those Canadians! Thanks for the blog. I need my Burton fix! He and Kenny are sooo cute together. I love your hat! You always did look in red. Keep up the photo taking. Miss yah!

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