Monday, January 15, 2007

Christmas Party

We had a nice night out for the radio station's Christmas party.


Bonnie McDermott said...

Great Picture of you two! I can't wait to meet Kenny!Boy have I got a story or two for him! Don't worry it's all good!!! It would be nice if you could plan a trip right around Jamie's wedding, Mar24/07 and he could meet all of us at once!! It could be a bit much though! We don't want to scare him all at once!

Aunt Bon

Mom said...

Great pic's!

Mom said...

Again I had the problem with the stupid blog! I had a whole 20 minute typing message and again it disappeared. Your Mom is now drinking because this fkin blog is driving her crazy.

Great pic's So used to seeing you in a bathing suit and flip flops. Its nice to see you in a different setting with a red nose for a different reason.

Kenny don't let her talk you into any fancy moves or you won't be able to chew properly for the rest of your life. Take it from me!

Keep taking the photo’s (Mark is rubbing off on me)
Miss you
Love Mom (& RAD the typist)

Take some pictures of the new svelte Burtie

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