Thursday, January 4, 2007

Cayman Memories

Ahh Beautiful Seven Mile Beach.
Here are a few memories of the last couple of months on the island.
Donnie Neuenberger and the Cayman Racing Team. GO SIR TURTLE!!!!
Ice on Ice. A charity event where Island Companies was crazy enough to let me wear over $30,000 in jewels!
And a day to get some sun!


ryderwindsor said...

Can you explain to me where this new guy came from? I have a tough time keeping up with you and would love to hear the story I'm sure.

John Millson said...

What great pictures and you both look so happy. And Burton - he settles in anywhere. Love you all and anxious to see it first hand.

We're at the cottage this weekend, surrounded with shopping bags and treasures that your Mom found.

Love you
RAD and Mom

Bonnie McDermott said...

Hey Erica , great pics! Keep em coming.Looks like you are freezing out there!Tell Kenny that he has to do something about that!Burtie isn't getting any smaller! Starting to look like Aunt Bonnie, a little generous around the mid section.Not you ! - Burtie!You always find the greatest places with such wonderful scenery! Maybe I will get there for a visit this time!!!

Luv for now
Aunt Bonnie

Anonymous said...

hey that little brown dress looks familiar! You look boobalicious. I can't wait until you come home, in march please say you are coming to Jamie's wedding I need my peeps there! Love you, Dancin Dana D-out

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