Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Ice Capades come to Reno

Rink on the River in downtown Reno got a couple new customers this week. We finally got the chance to get out on the outdoor rink. The weather was cold but clear and sunny so it was a good day to get out for a skate.
Sasha Cohen I am not! The spiral could use a little help but, most people on the rink couldn't do a one foot glide so I looked like a star! No jumps or spins in these skates... I'm not that brave!

Last time Kenny rented skates they were a boys' size 2 and now we had to get a men's size 13! Been a few years! He did really well considering the rental skates were more than a bit sketchy.

There were no falls and no broken bones so there were lots of reasons to smile!
Kenny's feet were so sore but, he kept at it for over an hour with lots of improvement. In a real pair of skates he may even have some fun! What a trooper-- thanks for going for me Kenny.

It didn't take long before Miss V the coach came out. There were 3 little girls that got some free lessons. I couldn't help myself. Miss the rink and the rink rats that go along with it!

Maybe I can even get Kenny out again sometime. I may have to bring spiked hot chocolate...

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