Friday, January 5, 2007

Moving In

Our new digs! Little bit empty right now but...

No couch or bed yet so the floor will have to do.

Everything we own... all in one room.

After a quick ride over the mountain to Sacramento and a 6 hour trip through Ikea we came home and put this table together. It's a good start as far as furniture goes. A few more peices and we are all set. Eating on the floor was not a lot of fun. This is much better.

Burtie has found his new spot. Only took him 5 minutes after the movers left to find the new chair. Make yourself comfy big guy.

The movers brought us Kenny's furniture from Florida. We put the Christmas tree up right away. The ESPN tree it should be called. There is a Kristy Yamigushi on there so the girls are represented. Gordy Howe is there for the Wing Fans. Lots of NBA stars and the Volunteers helmet for the topper. I didn't know that Santa was such an athlete.

Nipper the RCA dog is keeping the tree safe.

Ready for Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

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