Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Day on Horsetooth Reservoir

Colorado, as most of you know, has short summers or rather long winters so we had to get in as many outdoor activities as we could while we could!

One of those was cruising Horsetooth Reservoir with friends.

Ahhh a day on the river, no the lake, wait that's not right...
how about the water?
Yep that works.

Getting on and off the jet ski without getting wet was the one thing Kenny made sure he mastered... quickly! The air temperature was saying summer but the water was still yelling Northern Colorado winter!

Not quite the beach we've been used to over the past few years. But the kids didn't mind. They had a blast. At one point I feared we may loose one the mud was so deep.

The fastest and the slowest boats on the water that day.
The party barge and the suped-up eliminator.

Kenny and the ladies of the lake

It was a whole lotta boat~ with a whole lotta engine

Here is a short movie we took on our ride back into the marina. Sorry for the herky- jerky camera work. It's not easy to keep the camera level and steady when you're going 60 mph over the water!

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