Sunday, February 8, 2009

Getting Settled in our Colorado Home

After a barrage of tests, doctors visits and trips to the exporting area of Dubai International Airport, a 24 hour trek across the Atlantic, which included a stay over in Frankfurt Germany (because of the local doctor), then a stay with the Millsons and their 2 very domain protective furkids Tad and Dixie, then more doctors visits, then another plane ride across the US of A, and another hour car ride to the house, you would think that my cats would have been more than happy to have a new home.
And for the most part, they were.
There were a couple of things to get used to though.
One included a giant, plastic dog named Nipper.

Here is Ravi's first encounter with our family dog...

Here are some "canon powershot" moments with our cats this summer.

"Can't you see we're busy... sleeping!"

"Does this picture make my head look small?"

"ah don't say that Nipper, you're embarrassing me!"

The big man... Burton James

The one eyed lunatic... Ravi Jones

This is her angry face...
It's not good to disturb her when she's watching the birds!

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