Sunday, February 8, 2009


The 4th of July can mean only one thing...
a whole bunch of bull is coming to Northern Colorado.

That's right folks. It's time again (well for anyone from the area) for the world famous Greeley Stampede and Rodeo.

This is the longhorn parade. They did this everyday, walked these huge animals through the fairgrounds. Just looking at those horns is giving me a headache. Imagine carrying those around your entire life!

"Do I make you horny?"
The running of the bulls is a little different here in Colorado.
First, there is no running and the bulls could care less if you're
wearing a white pantsuit with a red belt.

The longhorn parade movie...

Time for some entertainment, as if the longhorns weren't enough!

The Spin Doctors and Poison Concert is about to start!

Backstage at the concert I got the chance to talk to the Spin Doctors.
Nice fellas. One even from Toronto.

The crowd starting to pour in.

"little miss little miss little miss can't be wrong"
"ain't gonna blah no more when you blah blah blah"

yep... that is the king of "Rock of Love" himself...
Brett Michaels

Speaking of Rock of Love...
here is Big John. No idea why they call him that.

The show was fantastic! They played all the old stuff we used to listen to while we tight rolled our jeans, aqua netted our hair out, put on way too much eyeliner and colored mascara and studded our jean jackets... and that was just the guys~

All access pass... who's the cool guy now?

Do you think they'll ever get tired of the neon green in that logo?

The midway was all lit up and raring for someone else to ride the rides...
We don't do spinning or rides that people with no teeth are in charge of maintaining.
Carnies scare us... nomads, small hands, smell like cabbage.

We did get our share of fried foods in though as well as anything they served on a stick.
The pizza was my favorite.
Kenny enjoyed the deep fried oreos, deep fried snicker bars and deep fried coke a cola.

We did avoid the rocky mountain oysters too.
Anyone that knows what these are will agree with me... GROSS!

The Greeley Stampede and Rodeo... a week "bull" of entertainment.

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