Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Colorado Ice

When we were given tickets to see the Colorado Ice, we figured we were in for a good ol' hockey game. We were wrong!
The Colorado Ice is an arena football team. Still tickets are tickets and any sporting event is still better than a night on the couch watching t.v. so off we went.

Used to seeing football played in a huge stadium with massive distances between the stands and the field we were super surprised to walk into the arena. It felt like you should put on some pads and a helmet.

The game was fast paced, in your face and the crowd loved every minute.

They had kids that played during the half time show. I think this guy lied about how old he was.
Either that or he's really big for his age!

Kenny was part of a play. He caught this ball the Quarterback was throwing up in the stands... to his mother (we found out later... when she came up to us and told us the ball was meant for her)
Not only did Kenny intercept the pass meant for Mom, the QB got a penalty for throwing it up there in the first place!

The most entertaining part of the Colorado Ice Experience were these 2 young men.
We call them the "SUPER FANS"!

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