Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Visa Run Chick Style & Big Red

It was that time of the month again... visa run time!
But this time I went with the ladies!
Donna and I needed to renew our visas so Tammy and her massive 4 wheel drive took us to Hatta and out of the UAE and into Oman if only for a few minutes.

After our very quick stop in Oman for a stamp in our passports and a bathroom break we were back into the UAE for lunch and a bit of a sightseeing tour.

Hatta has a lot of history and is famous for it's forts.

Tammy being Vanna here...

Little bit gusty that day. Not the best hair day for the group of us.
You'll see more evidence of that later!

The view from the fort onto the heritage village.

On the road to Hatta you always see camels but Donna's husband never lets her stop to take any pictures of them. Being a girls day we stopped a couple times to take some snaps.

I got this shot as this camel came charging towards me!
I realized as I was taking it that my back was up against a barbed wire fence and I had no where to go if it got right in my face. Take it from me seeing a camel's teeth up close
is nothing to smile about!

A safe shot from the other side of the fence.

Then the "adventurers" thought it would be a great idea to climb Big Red.
This is a giant sand dune just outside of Dubai.
On the weekend it is covered in 4 wheel drives and ATVs.
You can rent them and bomb your way around up there but much to the surprise of the guys renting the equipment at the bottom, we chose to walk up.

You can see the road behind Tammy and Donna in this picture.
It was a long way up.

This is where the "bad hair day" came to a pinnacle!

We look like a all girls band from the 80's.

The climb down was much easier than the climb up.

Some of Big Red tried to hitch a ride home with me.

It wasn't nearly as much fun the next month doing my visa run.
Thanks ladies for the chick day out!

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