Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bab Al Shams Desert Restaurant

Here is the video from our night in the desert with Accalia and Dawn. What we failed to capture was the staff rolling us out the door after we finished eating! You have no idea the amounts of food we can pack away...
Thanks Accalia and Dawn for the great company on our desert meal under the stars.

Here is the link to get back to the first Bab Al Shams post (it was over a year ago I wouldn't expect any of you to remember that far back... even we had trouble remembering and we were there!)

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grandma gail said...

Now that's a barbeque!!! Did you get enough to eat??? That looked amazing....lots of animals and crazy dancers to boot! You needed one of those crazy spinning umbrella like things that go down over your head when you were skating...the judges would have never been able to forget you no matter how many kids were in the flight! Did you get recipes? I'm just glad I don't have to do the dishes!! I'd have to get inside those pots to clean them...they were huge!
Thanks for showing us all your adventures. Maybe you could tape a trip to MickyDee's so we could have something to really compare to...there is nothing that I've ever seen that could compare to that!

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