Friday, January 16, 2009

Kenny & Erica and the Search for the Wild Wadi

OK. Back in time again we go. Last year about this time we set out to make a visa run to Hatta with Oliver and Accalia. Unfortunately for all of us, I screwed that up with a misunderstanding of reading a simple stamp on my passport. So, instead of crossing into Oman and visiting Muscat for the day we decieded to choose another adventure.

We had heard of wadis in the area that we gorgeous to see and well worth the trip out of Dubai for.

I think we were there at the wrong time of the year! There was very little water anywhere and all we really found was a crappy old campsite and a longway around the mountains home!

It was a great day inspite of all of it and our thanks to Oliver and Accalia for keeping us laughing.

For some of you this story may sound familiar... It was an older post I made last year. If you want to go back and see the pictures that we took on this day feel free to do so here

Or you can watch this highly entertaining video version of the day's events...

1 comment:

grandma gail said...

Again with the skinny looking camels! It looked like you needed rock climbing equipment to climb some of those rocks. Some of it reminded me of Nova Scotia.

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