Friday, January 16, 2009

The Dubai Pimps

Kenny has been playing softball here in Dubai since shortly after we arrived.
During the summer months they call it the "sauna league" where everyone that can stand the heat comes out for a bit of practice and if enough people show up they will throw together a game.

But as the heat cools off the regular season begins.
During the 07-08 season Kenny played with a team called the Dubai Pimps.

This team should have been called the Bad News Bears. It was made up of guys that barely knew each other, some who hadn't played in years if ever and needless to say they weren't especially good at the start.

What did happen though is we made some of the best friends we could ever have imagined on softball nights. People we spend a great deal of time with to this day.

While they didn't win very many games, we had the loudest cheering section (next to the Filipino team in the b league) and a fantastic time at the ballpark every week.

Here are some of the shots of the last game Kenny played with them before our quick departure of Dubai in March.

Jane finding a new use for Angela's homemade pom poms

Endless was to accessorize with plastic garbage bags...

The team had a little pizza party for Kenny's going away

The Pimpettes...
Jane, Erica, Angela, Carina

Our Pimps

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