Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our Escape from Al Ain Video

Told you I had some stuff to finally add on here! I've been promising these videos for so long that most of you I'm sure had forgotten that I even mentioned them. Well, too bad, your stuck watching our home movies for the next couple days as I post them all on here!

This one is Kenny and Erica Jones and the Escape from Al Ain

Al Ain was the first day that we had seen rain in over 7 months! It was a great day filled with mountains, hot springs, good food, a swim in gorgeous mountain top resort pool, forts and rain!

Here is the link to see the original post pictures and the story that goes along.


grandma gail said...

That fort looked like a cool place Parker and Brooke would have loved! If that was here I'm sure there would have been an admission fee!
Great video!! Loved the skinny cat!

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