Friday, January 16, 2009

What Bird Brains!

Right in the heart of Dubai is a place that they call Ras Al Khor Bird Sanctuary.

We had tried a few times to go in and see the flamingos and other feathered friends but to our non-surprise, there were no clear signs telling us how or when to get in!

On our way to Ikea one day we noticed the gate to the sanctuary open and quickly turned around. (20 minutes later) we pulled up to the gate only to notice they were locking it again.
We rolled down the window and asked as politely as possible where the f'ing sign was to tell us when to come back. The caretaker told us the "timings" and we returned, cameras in hand a few days later to take some snaps of the bird brains that lived there.

Here are the results...

It is the only protected wildlife reserve in the city and is taken care of by the municipality of Dubai.

They'd probably have more visitors if they would post a sign or 2 on when they're open... but that would make sense!

1 comment:

grandma gail said...

What do those flamingos eat? They seem paler than the ones on peoples front lawns...remember the ones at the Melia Tropical! That was great how you got the video of the two of you walking out. Who was the camera operator?

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