Friday, January 16, 2009

A Night in Global Village

During the winter months in Dubai Global Village is open. It is crossed between the fair, epcot center and the flea market.

When you go in you are surrounded by different buildings. Each representing different countries around the world. Inside there is shopping, food and sometimes entertainment from each of these different countries.
Most of the things you can buy are things that are better left there! Tacky souvenirs, cheapo things that will most likely be broken before you get to your car sort of stuff.

Kenny was not all that happy with the experience of being crammed in a small aisle surrounded by people clawing at each other for cheap knock off purses. I weaseled my way through like my mother demonstrated for me many a time at huge fabricland sales and we made it out almost in one piece on the other side of the building.

After vowing not to go into any more of the "shops" we ventured out into more open spaces.

We were 10's of 1000's of miles from home and you would still think you were at the Freedom Festival in Windsor or the Fulton County State Fair in Ohio to see the rides.


To ride the rides you had to stand in line (no different than home)
with your own gender.

That's right. All the girls stand with the girls, all the guys stand together in the next line.
When they load the rides up, they take turns loading girls than guys.
One line is covered all in black and the other all in white.
There is a pile of sandals at the entrance of each ride (especially the ones where your feet dangle) and a mad rush to find your pair when you're all done getting twisted and turned in not natural ways.

Relived to be out of the china pavilion

"Look I have enough room to spread my arms out!"

Our standard self portrait

"I'm the only blond in the Village"

The locals trying their hand at American Football type midway games
and Kenny not giving them much moral support!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey Ladies...

All the fellas in the house

Arabic Drivers Education

It's really not that much different than driving for real here.

It was a multicultural night and we had a great time (except for the crazed shoppers in the china building).
Will we go back this year... that is yet to be decided!

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